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Custom Signs for Home or Office


When it comes to designing your own custom signs, we proudly state that there is no better system available than our Online Sign Design Center. The center is at your service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Now you can easily design, preview and place your Custom Sign order right from your own PC. More importantly, using our Online Sign Design Center is easy and even fun to use. Try it today, let your creativity flow, and explore the unlimited possibilities for your custom designed sign!


Custom Signs Meet All Your Requirements


From time past till now, signs have been helpful to mankind around the world. Without a doubt, quality custom signs will continue to be helpful to us forever. We at Pro Sport Decals completely understand the value and requirements of effective signs, and because of that, we are always able to deliver unmatched quality and effectiveness when it comes to custom signs of any kind.


Custom vanity license plates or auto tags, corrugated plastic yard signs, OSHA safety signs, custom aluminum signs, custom magnetic car signs, no matter what you need, with us, your custom sign requirements are in expert hands. With our convenient, easy to use, online design tools, you have all you need to get the sign designs you want. Design, Preview then purchase them online and have them delivered to your doorstep in just a few days. You also have the wonderful ability of uploading your company logo or even a photograph to add to your custom designed sign for No Additional Charge.


Custom Signs are most commonly used for: Aluminum Storefront Signs, Business Signs, Advertising Signage, License Plates, Auto Tags, Magnetic Truck Signs, Magnetic Auto Signs, Car Signs, Truck Signs, Outdoor Signs, Yard Signs, Construction Signs, Realtor Signs, For Sale Signs, Road Signs, Safety Signs, Street Signs, Traffic Signs and Welcome Signs.


Custom License Plates Help Personalize Your Car


If your state and local license plate laws allow it, your vehicle is sure to look extra stylish with our custom made vanity license plates. We use durable adhesive vinyl bonded to heavy aluminum license plate blanks and pre-slotted for easy bolt on installation. Moreover, our custom made novelty license plates are car wash safe and are covered with an Ultra Violet (UV) Protective Laminate which makes them more long lasting than airbrushed license plates.


A Great Personalized Gift


Personalized vanity license plates are also a great gift idea for any occasion. We not only produce custom novelty license plates for our clients and their family and friends, we also ship them the next business day. Show your loved ones that you love them and that you care about the appearance of even their vehicles. With just a few clicks on our website, you can send your family and friends our durable custom vanity license plates that are designed to stay looking good even in rough outdoor environments around the world.


Digitally Printed Magnetic Car Signs On The Roll


Many of the most successful companies utilize Magnetic car signs and magnetic business signs to do mobile advertising for their businesses. If you are not among the most successful, no problem, as magnetic car signs and magnetic business signs are not only the perfect way for mobile advertising, they are also very cost-effective way of doing that. Our custom full color magnetic car door signs are made of durable adhesive vinyl bonded to a magnetic sheeting for a durable magnet sign. We don’t charge you extra for uploading your logo or photograph to add to your car sign. They can be easily removed and reused on any steel metal surface.


One of the things that our magnetic car sign customers love is that our magnetic car door signs stay where you put them until you want them removed. When you want to advertise your business, simply apply to the vehicle door and remove when you no longer wish to advertise. We also offer Reflective Lettering for 24 hour mobile advertising.


Order our digitally printed full color magnetic car sign today so that with every kilometer, your car(s) can cover the distance your business needs to be at top. Remember to remove the before entering any car wash.;


OSHA Safety Signs To Protect Workers, Friends & Family


Nothing is more important than to display our aluminum safety signs, warning signs, and danger signs where there is even a slight risk of any kind of injury. Under OSHA guidelines, they are often required to protect people from risky conditions. If your project involves any sort of risk of injury, you can use several of our OSHA design templates to have the signs ready to display. Custom design your Safety Sign with your own message of caution using our easy to use online design tools.


With Our OSHA Safety Sign Builder design tool, you can make the exact custom warning sign you need. We use OSHA compliant .040 aluminum with rounded corners to make all of the safety signs. If you require holes to be pre-drilled, let our customer service department know and we can drill holes in your safety sign before sending out your order.


Custom Aluminum Signs


Without informative aluminum road signs, custom traffic signs, and custom street signs, exploring and finding new places would be a headache. We are proud to offer customized aluminum signs that will last for many years indoors or out. Our online sign design tool helps you find the perfect font, graphics, borders, backgrounds and colors to help you guide others better. When you are done designing, you preview and place order online, then receive your personalized aluminum signs in just a few business days. You can even upload your company logo or photograph to add to any sign at No Additional Charge.


Our Custom Aluminum Signs can be used in many applications around your home or office. Whether you use our signs indoor or outdoor, they will stay sturdy and in perfect condition for many years. Our many satisfied customers have ordered aluminum signs for their different requirements including welcome signs, caution signs, warning signs, danger signs, street sign, yard signs, safety sign, and business sign. We custom cut .040 mil aluminum to the size you want before applying adhesive vinyl lettering or graphic. To make your sign safe and durable, we round the edges of every sign. Whatever your custom aluminum sign needs are, we can provide you with what you need, when you need it.


Corrugated Plastic Signs For Display


If you require your signs to be displayed temporarily, our custom made corrugated plastic (coroplast) signs are perfect for you. Corrugated plastic signs are great for many outdoor as well as indoor uses. Some of our customers have used our plastic coroplast signs for yard signs, real estate signs, and temporary advertising business signs. Not only coroplast signs are durable in many outdoor situations, they are also inexpensive and available in several colors and size options.


Corrugated plastic (Coroplast) is made up of two plastic faces with hollow plastic 'flutes' in between to keep the sign rigid (looks just like plastic cardboard). Corrugated Plastic Signs are often used as temporary yard signs for realtors and building contractors, but have many numerous uses in other businesses as well. We use adhesive vinyl lettering or digitally printed vinyl graphics applied to coroplast sheets, providing an attractive, durable, full color corrugated plastic sign. All signs can be lettered on just one side or on both sides for twice the impact.


Street & Parking Signs


Any town or city with helpful aluminum street and parking signs is loved by the locals & travelers alike. All of our Aluminum Street Signs and Aluminum Parking Signs are on extra heavy duty .060 mil. painted aluminum with each having two holes pre-drilled in them for easy mounting on a pole or on a wall. We offer them in two standard sizes with any color combination of lettering and background. These signs are available to be purchased as displayed as or they may be customized according to your personal requirements. To guarantee that your new signs last for many years to come, we use durable exterior adhesive vinyl lettering and graphics on your signs. Reflective vinyl lettering or backgrounds are also available for 24 hour visibility.

Disclaimer: Some logos and graphics on our web site are the trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective companies. They are provided as a convenience only for their lawful use. Any unauthorized use of these items by the purchaser shall be the sole responsibility of the purchaser. By purchasing these logos, you are indicating that you have authority and permission to use the logo or trademark. There are no refunds on our decals, all sales are final.